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Men's Health: Questions, Education and Support!

Men's Health: Questions, Education, and Support!
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A non-judgemental men's only community to support health issues of all kinds.
This is a place for male LJers to discuss men's health issues. You will find a friend here. Any topic is welcome as long as the following applies: It's a men’s health issue, question, or support a health-related cause. This is a place for support and education not debate and judgment. Please note that we are not doctors, anything you read here you must make your own judgment on and do more research. Use this as a tool to help you with your inquiries. Help men assess, learn, interact, and act on health topics.

If you don't want anyone but members read your post, you are welcome to set your post setting to 'friends-only'.

No harsh judgment will be tolerated here. Attacks are not welcome. THIS IS NOT A DEBATE FORUM! Debates on topics like abortion are not allowed here. We refuse to let anyone attack someone for the sake of attacking, or because you don't agree with their personal choices. If a person asks for advice you may offer your thoughts, but if you post a comment that we feel is malicious, the comment will be deleted. Bringing drama and politics relating to other LJ communities into menzhealth will not be tolerated either. Such comments/posts will be deleted, and repeat offenders will be banned.

If you are an LJ female with a health question, please visit womenhealth or fem_comm instead.

Men's Health

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4women.gov's men's health section

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Currently, this community is being maintained by sandi1743.